Keith E. Lee Jr.

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Kimberly Martin, Keith E. Lee Jr., and John Powell Hall. Public Policy: Origins, Practice, and Analysis UNG Press. Available Online


Land Use and Ad Valorem Tax Abatement Analysis as it Pertains to Lee County’s Solar Energy Systems Ordinance PDF


Kristina M. LaPlant, Keith E. Lee Jr., James T. LaPlant. 2021. “Christmas Trees, Presidents, and Mass Shootings: Explaing Gun Purchases in the South and Non-South.” Social Sciences Quarterly. 102(1): 387-406. [Paper PDF]

Kristina M. LaPlant, Deryl Mack Seckinger, Keith E. Lee Jr, and James T. LaPlant. “Cocked, Locked, and Loaded: An Analysis of Five Policy Regimes of Concealed Carry on Campuses.” Politics & Policy. 49(1): 61-86. [Paper PDF]

Keith E. Lee Jr., Sydny Bryan, and James LaPlant. 2017. “Game Day Meets Election Day: Sports Records, Election Results, and the American South.” Social Sciences Quarterly. 98(5):1422-1434. [Paper PDF] [Data .xlsx .dta] [Replication .do .txt] [Miller’s Data .xlsx .dta]

Seth C. McKee, Antoine Yoshinaka, Keith E. Lee Jr., and Richard McKenzie. 2016. “Party Switchers and Reelection: A Precinct Level Analysis.” American Review of Politics 35(2):1-26. [Paper PDF]

Mandi Bates Bailey, Keith Lee, and Lee R. Williams. 2013. “Repealing ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’: The Impact of Stereotypes on Attitudes toward Homosexuals in the Military.” American Review of Politics 34 (Summer): 85-102.