Keith E. Lee Jr.


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Kimberly Martin, Keith E. Lee Jr., and John Powell Hall. Public Policy: Origins, Practice, and Analysis UNG Press.


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Kristina M. LaPlant, Deryl Mack Seckinger, Keith E. Lee Jr, and James T. LaPlant. “Cocked, Locked, and Loaded: An Analysis of Five Policy Regimes of Concealed Carry on Campuses.” Politics & Policy. 49(1): 61-86. [Paper PDF]

Keith E. Lee Jr., Sydny Bryan, and James LaPlant. 2017. “Game Day Meets Election Day: Sports Records, Election Results, and the American South.” Social Sciences Quarterly. 98(5):1422-1434. [Paper PDF] [Data .xlsx .dta] [Replication .do .txt] [Miller’s Data .xlsx .dta]

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